The 6 best PTC - MINI GUIDE

The 6 best PTC. Safe and paying. Our MINI GUIDE to avoid losing time

What are the PTC (Pay to click) safer, those that pay really, immediately, and allow in a clear and simple to earn clicking? Here is a small list with links. Do not try and try and spend time with others. They risk throwing away time and sometimes money on sites unstable, disappearing in just a short time. The list that I offer has already been tested by us, but also to thousands of other Web users. It is PTC widespread, collated by the iron grip of forums and users. Pay now and allow you to earn clicking, answering surveys watching videos, by clicking 'like' facebook. MI RECOMMEND: to organize an effective system of income need patience, if you do not invest anything in terms of money, it takes pù time, but you'll make it slowly. Premise applies to all PTC in question. You can make money by simply clicking slowly without investing anything, to speed up the accumulation of much gains you can invest a few dollars for each of the PTC in question (to rent or buy referrals or, better yet, to buy the membership base). If you have fifty euro to 'throw' invested in a few safe and PTC. In this list there are 8. You will leave immediately gaining. Before you do, however, two or three weeks simply by registering and clicking, so you will know these PTC and you will have fun or bored, for sure you will be proud, even in the face a few cents, they have become small entrepreneurs of yourself ...


ClixSense, PTC paying active since 2007

Another historical PTC. The asd are fewer Neobux, apparently earns less, but if you perservera doing surveys and clicking is one of PTC that pays better. As an example, in the first month of membership, without investing a dollar and responding to polls, we earned $ 14 ... exactly the amount you need for membership. We could also pocket immediately via paypal, but we decided to continue and now, with referrals (in this case you can not rent) the gain is more than good. (Go to CLIXSENSE)  Read information +


Buxp, earn with clicks, videos and polls

PTC very interesting. It offers a lot of ads to click. And one of the most fun because it also offers the opportunity to earn by watching videos, clicking like and leave comments on video FB. You earn quite well. After the initial accumulation period the council is to buy referrals and then the membership. Also referrals are not rented, but sold. You pay more, but will be forever contents without the need to renew them after a month. Patience, patience, patience, a few minutes a day and this will bring you money. Adding it to the other and paying PTC series will be an interesting source of income). BUXP (Go to)


Cashnhits, 0.12 a day from free and without referrals

Another PTC paying serious fun dynamic that offers opportunities for gain. ADS, Video Ads, 'like' the Facebook, the possibilities are many. Also in this case it is suggested that the slow initial accumulation then move to the purchase of a membership and basic economic and then of referrals. For those who have no patience with $ 10 you can give you a faster start. Recommended! Register in a few steps and also here a few hours a day. PS) there is also the autosurf some videos, you gain by opening a window that sends video youtube one after the other, you are not obbliati to watch them, you can let them go under and you gain something .... CASHNHITS (Go to)


Scarlet Clicks, Online since 2009, sustainable and paying

One of the series. You earn by clicking on ads. But not many are clear, clean, and above all the historical PTC is safe and paying. The payout is very low, $ 1. You can cash out or continue ... (recommended). It took a little time, but gradually arrive at the threshold to buy or referrals for membership. Sommatela other PTC safe ... and will contribute to the upstream earnings..Scarlet Clicks (Go to)


Goldenclix, active and payment from 2013, offers free recycling of referrals

GoldenClix is much more than just a PTC but that's what we can define: a complete system of online revenue. Are indeed many tools available to the PTC to increase our daily earnings. Let's start by saying that GoldenClix is managed by a company, the Zigma Network, operating for years in the field of business and network online. Specifically GoldenClix was born in January 2013 and has since proven to be well administered remains stable, profitable and above all without ever paying any problem.GOLDENCLIX (Go to)


Ojooo, PTC sustainable professional and paying

Ojooo PTC is a relatively new, was born in 2013 in fact, but the excellent reviews are leading very quickly in the list of Elite PTC, the PTC or sustainable series, managed very well and, above all, paying.. OJOOO (Go to)


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Neobux, Clixsense and Buxp the best. Why?

Why Neobux, Clixsense and Buxp is the best?

1) They are on the market for years, are stable and offer different possibilities of gain

2) Their payments are almost immediate

3) With Neobux and Buxp you can rent referrals and in just a few weeks we can organize a system of gain, it is efficient. It takes a lot of patience. With Clixsense there are excellent opportunities to gain with polls.

4) Do not secondary sites work well, do not jam and do not distribute malware as can happen elsewhere




IMPORTANT: allow you to earn, very patiently, without initial investments.

Small organizational advice. Subscribe to 8, 10 PTC, not more. Choose the best. created an Excel spreadsheet by putting in each column the name of a PTC and under each one, the gains. Monitored so the daily income of each PTC and above the sum of earnings, which will help you psychologically more to carry out this work of accumulation, ... believe that, after a few weeks you will already be paying off and the awareness of being small business people the web.